The process to follow for effective order management system

When the business is just starting out, it’s pretty easy to handle those orders from customers. However, as the sales go up and start rolling in, it will be hard to keep track of your orders, sales and your delivery. This is the reason why you need an order management system for your business. Without an order management system, you are less likely to fulfill increasing orders which may have bad effects for your company.

It is important that as a business owner, you have control over your supply and demand chain. It’s key to make your business a success. There is some process you have to follow to implement your order management system effectively.


Planning is the most crucial step that most owners and managers often forget. Even if the system is capable of handling your business’s operation, without proper planning, the system will not take effect properly. Before implementing an order management system, you should create a team of people who will handle the important processes such as warehousing: deliveries, transportation, and order fulfillment.

IT department

It’s already a given that you will be provided with IT support when you purchase order management software. However, there is still a need to include your own IT department when the system is being implemented. This is to ensure that your IT department is familiar with the system and how it works. They can also help in identifying possible problems that might happen in the future, which might affect your business transaction. 


Your business processes are the heart of your business operation. If an organization doesn’t know how to practice good documentation, it can lead to confusion in the long run. Documentation is important for a lot of reasons. Accurate documentation can improve business processes; it can reduce risks; it provides consistency in operations, etc. When there is documentation, your vendor will be held responsible in case errors occur in the future. Before completion of the system, you should provide your vendor with a list of your business needs as well as your expectations. 


You need to be sure that your order management system runs smoothly, testing is required. This process will be able to see the integrity and functionality of the system and if it meets your needs. During the testing period, allow your employees to get hands-on experience for them to know how the system works as well as how to achieve the desired results. It would be much better to train the people on higher management first and let them train their subordinates later on. 

Go live

Implement the system during the lowest volume for your incoming orders. It’s the best season to apply your system or if you are replacing an old one. This way, you can avoid fewer issues, and your business operations won’t be affected much if troubles arise. Also, let your old system still run even after going live with the new system until all issues in your previous system are addressed.

An order management system is essential for a growing business. It’s the perfect solution to manage inventory and to cut down the cycle issues in the supply-demand chain. However, note that the implementation of this system can’t be done overnight. There are steps you need to follow and factors to consider in order for your new system to run smoothly. Before you go on board with the implementation of an order management system, make sure you have an overview in terms of what to expect and how it will contribute to your business operations.