5 Marketing Keys For Promotional Gifts

Today I want to tell you about five keys that you should take care of when making promotional gifts because there is a thin line between doing something exciting and falling into the cliche.

Critical # 1 – Think of the consumer

It is not about giving all the time the typical caps, pens or mouse pads.

Come on; there’s nothing wrong with this, but as long as it’s something the consumer would want.

Some people want pens, and there are others who prefer a wireless speaker.

So the key is at first to know what kind of consumer I want and what kind of promotional gift I would like.

This first point is the big difference between investing and spending money.

Key # 2 – Make your brand look, but do not scare

When you offer a promotional gift, people are aware that they are choosing your brand over that of the competition.

You do not have to put your company’s logo in such a striking way that everyone sees it miles away.

Obviously depends on the promotional gifts you choose, for example in a USB memory for its size, this rule is complicated to follow because for your brand to look must have the right size.

But with this key, I mean other promotional gifts.

For example an umbrella; It is perfect to use your brand colors and even put it somewhere, but it does not seem that the user is a promoter of your business.

In subtlety is the secret.

Key # 3 – Be creative

With this key, in a way, I return to what I say in the first point.

Do not fall into the cliche of always giving the same or what everyone does. That looks ugly, and even the client will feel that you did not dedicate 2 minutes to understand what you would like.

There are many websites with promotional gift options for you to evaluate, get creative and even compare what is best.


Key # 4 – Make it practical.

Attention with this advice.  If you are going to make a promotional gift, please make it practical.

A company recently gave me a kind of knife to open letters. Really? Who receives letters yet?

And if you receive them, do you receive so many, as to give a card?

The advice is simple. And again it goes in relation to other points.


Key # 5 – Take advantage of the moment

There are different times of the year that can be ideal for your promotional gifts: father’s day, child’s day, women’s day, etc.

For example here they talk about Christmas marketing , so the key question would be:


So the last key is simple.

Give something to your clients or potential customers in key times, in order to increase the impact of what you are offering.

I hope these tips have been helpful and that you really take advantage of this type of marketing actions that, when focused, can have interesting results.

Someone tells you, he bought 2 deodorants to listen to while he bathes, some music on his wireless speaker.